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Commercial and Residential Construction Services in Bronx, NY

Advantage Construction offers general commercial and residential construction services in Bronx, NY, and throughout the surrounding areas, including Westchester County. We specialize in building restoration projects and commercial properties. Our team excels at working alongside support management and maintenance departments. Our commercial clientele includes the following:

• Hospitals
• Apartment Complexes

• Nonprofit Organizations
• Churches

• Barns
• Banks

Whether you’re interested in a complete remodel for your building or you just need concrete grinding services, look no further than our company. We’re equipped with the right tools and expertise to provide you with the right solutions for your project. Our team is dedicated to helping you accomplish your goals, no matter how complex. We’ll work closely with you to ensure we accurately fulfill your vision.

General Construction Details

Whether you need the damaged bathroom in your commercial building repaired or want your kitchen redesigned or extended, Advantage Construction can do the job for you. You can have us change your floor plan to reshape a room or revamp an entire building.

As knowledgeable contractors, our team can assist you with all your construction and renovation needs. We handle every step of the process to make sure we always deliver exceptional results. You can expect us to go above and beyond to help you accomplish your objectives, from cement pointing to electrical looping.

Our team works with concrete, tile, and flooring, as well as drywall and cabinets. Advantage Construction has licensed architects, plumbers, and electricians that we work with to ensure every aspect of your project is completed to your satisfaction and is up to code.

Appliance and Cabinet Removal: Making Room for Your Big Ideas

It is sometimes necessary to remove old fixtures to make room for better things. Allow our construction company to streamline your remodeling or renovation project. Our team provides appliance and cabinet removal services.

Replacing cabinets allows the installation of newer and more robust units. We work thoroughly and carefully to remove old cabinetry. Then, we prepare the work area so that your remodeling project can move to the next step.

We also uninstall and haul away old appliances for you. Now, you don’t need to worry about finding another contractor to get rid of an old refrigerator or oven. Our appliance removal services take care of unwanted items. As a result, your kitchen remodeling project can proceed as planned.

Kitchen Redesign in Bronx, NY, by Advantage Construction

A Man Inspecting the Building Foundation Prior to Building Restoration in Bronx, NY

Restoration Work Details

Advantage Construction offers damage restoration services and waterproofing for things like neglect, as well as water or structural damage to your building. If your foundation has been damaged due to water seepage, you can have us restore it and, after that, waterproof it to prevent further damage in the future.

If you are due for inspection under New York City's Façade Inspection and Safety Program (formerly referred to as Local Law 11), you may want to have us inspect your building in advance of the city inspection. We look for cracks, leaning walls, and anything else the engineer has to report on. It can be to your advantage to have us repair these issues prior to the city inspection. Otherwise, the city dictates how the repairs are done.

We Provide Granite Work

The Bronx is home to many historical buildings. If your property incorporates granite, then you already know that this material requires significant care and attention to remain beautiful. Our construction company does granite work, which can include restoration or the fabrication of new surfaces. From walls to countertops, we bring out the innate beauty and strength of this storied building material.

Sidewalk Construction

New walkways are a great way to improve the look and feel of your outdoor areas. Our company offers sidewalk construction that brings new life to your space. We transform cracked and uneven pavement into beautiful pathways.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

When you are searching for a commercial construction company, look no further than Advantage Construction. Our team draws on a wealth of experience in the field, allowing us to fulfill your requests and create a modern workplace exterior, thanks to our range of concrete sidewalk construction and remodeling services. We can take your creative ideas and make them a reality. If you have any questions or concerns about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.